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Every kitchen is different, so the price depends on style and size of doors, how many side panels there are, plinths and kick boards that would need wrapping etc. It also depends on the range of Vinyl you decide to go for as there is different prices there as well.

Usually it takes 1-3 days, depending on the size of the kitchen and shape of door panels. Shaker style doors usually take longer than flat doors as there is more detailing to do on them.

The vinyl we use is top quality and is intended for OUTDOOR use, so if looked after it should last around 10 years or even longer indoors.

yes, we have a wide range of wood and marble effects, suitable for worktops. They are not heat or cut proof, so you will have to always use a woodblock or something to protect them from heat and cuts.

In most cases we can wrap vinyl over dents etc but any imperfections on the original surface will show through the vinyl the same as if you was to paint straight over the doors.

In general we don’t have to empty them as we only wrap the doors.


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