Terms and Conditions Fab Vinyl Wrap


Your initial estimate is created on a virtual viewing based on the information and photos provided via our online form, Facebook messenger, Whatsapp or e-mail. The cost is approximated by our office team and is subject to change if any of the information provided is incorrect. We are confident that in most circumstances our trained team is exactly accurate. However, when our fitters can physically see the kitchen/Units if There is any variation between the provided information and the quantity of work, your estimation may be affected. This can mean an increase or decrease in total costs. Price increases would occur for additional items such as additional items, upgrade materials from our standard vinyl to our premium range of vinyl repair work, or additional materials required. Any Changes will be communicated  Response time: Our current online and phone correspondence is Monday- Friday, 9am till 5:30pm. During current guidelines we cannot accommodate walk-ins, all office visits shall be by appointment only. Any cancellations or delays shall be brought to our attention. Please allow up to 24 hours for our response to all messages and voicemails however we do aim to be as responsive as possible. Availability: after the payment of the first half of the total cost, the waiting time is usually a few days, normally needed until an order is placed for the necessary vinyl and it’s arrival.

Payment schedule

We require a 50% deposit to secure any work taking place, Deposit will be deducted from the total price of work, and remaining balance is due the same day as the completion of work. Payment methods: bank transfer and PayPal.


Before installation we politely ask that the customer clears the worktop area and fully degreases all areas being wrapped. We advise all areas being wrapped should be cleaned using damp microfiber cloths. (Cloths should be free of dust/dirt and grease) using hot soapy water.

Property access

We kindly ask that there is suitable parking available for our team whilst working at your property. Please ensure that there is someone available to allow access for our fitters. Our fitters aim to start at 8am each day (should this cause any inconvenience please inform us and we will do our best to work around this) starting times may be affected by variable factors such as traffic, but we will always communicate with you should this be the case. We always aim to give an estimated time of completion however this cannot be guaranteed, we will advise you if any changes are required, we aim to inform you as soon as possible. We do our best to accommodate all customers should you require extra time to allow completion new installation dates will be organised for you accordingly.


When partially wrapping a Kitchen we cannot guarantee any colour match to existing colours, however we will try our best to get as close as we can.

Colour choice and confirmation

It is the customer’s responsibility to choose a colour for wrapping, from the available colour choices. This is done before the payment of the deposit as the correct vinyl needs to be ordered.


We don’t hold a high quantity of stock levels of vinyl, therefore all our vinyl is supplied via our third-party suppliers. We are reliant on our courier company delivering on time. Delays can sometimes occur but on rare occasions this were to happen we will communicate with you.


Upon completion of your wrap, our team will provide you with after-care information. Please take note of the advice and recommendations to prolong the life of your wrap. Should any of the aftercare instructions be neglected this will affect your guarantee. Guarantee: Our vinyl has a 7–10-year life span. This includes fading, cracking and yellowing, this does not cover customer error, neglect and damages. We provide a standard 1 year guarantee with all work carried out. All disputes are subject to assessment. Repairs: If repairs are required, please allow up to 14 days for our team to address the situation and organise a date for this to be corrected. We reserve the right to void warranty in any individual case of neglect, improper care or accidental damage. In Such cases a charge will occur to amend the issue.

Existing fixtures and Fittings

Screws: When removing screws, we accept no liability for existing faulty screws breaking or snapping.

Hinges: If any hinges are found to be faulty or have existing damage our fitters are not responsible for any breakages or damages caused by these faults. You will be notified of these faults if these faults later result in damages to the vinyl that will not be covered by our guarantee.

Handles: We do our best to apply reasonable care in the process of pre-wrap, however we are not accountable for existing faulty handles and the damage they may cause, we provide free fitment of Any Handles provided by the customer, please ensure that any handles provided to be re-fitted must fit through the existing holes on all unit doors. If qualities of handles are poor, our fitters will advise on fitment accordingly. Kickboards and clips: We are not responsible for existing kickboard clips breaking or snapping when removing, we do employ reasonable care when removing. Worktops and upstands: Pre-installation all worktops should be repaired; it is the customer’s responsibility if they choose to better the condition of existing worktops prior to installation. Please be aware that our team works incredibly hard to mask any imperfections, however the better the conditions they have to work with the better results. Any imperfections on the units that exist before wrapping have a chance of protruding the vinyl on completion.


The result and smoothness of vinyl installation is variable to the surface it is applied to. We always recommend repairing and smoothing out any discrepancies/damage before installation.

Staff abuse

We have a zero-tolerance policy against any form of abuse towards staff. Our fitters reserve the right to cease installation and communication and report any abuse immediately. Ultimately most of our customers are extremely friendly and all we work extremely hard to provide a high standard of customer service and we thank you for your custom.